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Ping-!-Pong: we love the short sounds of the flying objects like in the fast Ping-!-Pong battles. May be that here is better than the other microblogs. You can share info or set the link to your promotion material in only 20 seconds inclusive SIMPLE registration. We use cookies as written below.

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+ Be famous in only 20 seconds
+ Share your emotions!
+ Be a serious #newsmaker.
+ Timestamp your #evidence (CET)
+ Make small visit card online
+ Catch the readable URL
+ Short the URL by create new Ping-!-Pong
+ Set links & backlinks for #SEO
+ Save notices
+ Collect bookmarks
+ Promote your information
+ Customer reviews
+ Use #hashtags to be in context
+ Keep control over password
+ Anonymity: no user profiles, but you can leave signature

We are humans

No robots, no API’s, only human authors ! +500 to online reputation.

What is Ping-!-Pong?

Share here your #pictures, short :-)emotions, 8-links, #hashtags and #backlinks. “Ping-!-Pong”, as we call it. Every “pong” gives you + to your online #karma.

Keep the rules in mind.

Privacy. We don’t track you.

(I) Reader, we set necessary cookies. That can not be disabled.
(II) We collect only:
– your e-mail, only if you are the writer,
– data, your share by yourself in the ping’s
– logs with IP and time.
(III) You have anytime access to your Ping-!-Pong data and whole control options without our help.
(IV) Think about it: if you enter the fake e-mail by registration, we can not reset your password. So it’s up to you, you want to stay in touch or not.
(V) Everyone do that, we too – we use particularly suppliers software, each impression generates a call for services and the cookie placement from:
– (counter)
– (counter)
No personal information will be sent!
(VI) YouTube and adverts on embedded videos and ads built connections to own servers. You can use firewall to block it. Ask your Questions where.
(VII) Advertisement partners can set their cookies. Ping-!-Pong blog-microblog has no influence on that process – by questions you must contact each advertisement channel separately. Their contacts are given on or near the banner or text ad. It belongs the advertisement on the embedded videos too. Ping-!-Pong get no money for ads on videos.
(VIII) By registration you give us more rights.

Update: 28.07.2022

How to use Ping-!-Pong microblog

We are now – year 2021 – in the test phase.

(1) Respect the law,
(2) don’t make problems for others with your ping-!-pongs,
(3) don’t make problems for us.
(4) Just in case, your pings turns particularly into our property for better handling of spam and law breakers.
(5) We agree, that some personal or anonymous Ping-!-Pong can save life’s. But we are not the emergency handling installation. Because of that: if you see your own Ping-!-Pong critical, write more about it for better understanding of your decision to ping the critical pong or use hashtags #code911 or #savelife. After solving of emergency situation you should to secure the evidences on the other way.
(6) In some cases we can delete your single ping’s, your account or our ping-!-pong service completely without any notice.
(7) You can delete Pings, but you can not delete Pongs (it keeps the conversation intact). We strongly recommend you to create separate Ping with contacts, you link from Pongs to, if you want communicate with somebody. This Ṕing with contacts can be deleted by you.

Link-!-Backlink SEO Tool

#SEO professionals, #newsmaker, big #business, #authorities and PR #ranking makers please ask admin for tailored commercial or sponsoring account. It may be cheap, but we have to be prepared for the co-working.


Official publishers can document the really produced content in the time line for verification of the content by the user.

How to use:

+ Use the search to find relevant information without login.
+ After login, if you like the pong from the others just copy-!-paste the URL from it in your new ping.
+ You can delete your pings under “I Ping”, if you want.
+ If you loose password and we have only fake e-mail, you loose your ownership on that pong.