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( 3 ) Microblog Ping-!-Pong for personal usage

This project was actually made for private persons, who looks for #broadcasting alternatives for #Twitter, #WhatsApp, #vk or #Facebook. Have a nice day and a lot of fun by #backlink #placement on microblog Ping-!-Pong.

( 2 ) Freelancer and small business

You can yse microblog Ping-!-Pong for free. Use screenshots or create banner by yourself, if you want, and Ping-!-Pong it every day to stay in new relevant #context and to promote your goods like #used_car / #coupon / #voucher / etc. and services like #interpret or #guide for free. May be you can use #microblog Ping-!-Pong as #alternative for #alibaba, #amazon or #ebay. You should write the contacts and the price each time in every new #Ping or in the Pong as #comment. May be yo will get some bids in the Pongs. We have no specific rules to manage how the user have to #sale or #buy at the time. Think about the #law, it’s enough.

( 1 ) SEO backlink tool for professional usage

#SEO professionals and online #ranking lovers please ask admin for tailored #commercial account for using microblog Ping-!-Pong as #professional SEO #backlink tool: you understand, we must pay for #hosting of your #pictures and #commercial #emotions.

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    Just for fun: here is the video about different kinds of Ping-!-Pong playing!

  2. Example: this it the Pong with the start price.
    Service: content production, made by editorial office of microblog Ping-!-Pong.
    Start price (as long as free capacities are available):
    Ping > x,xx Euro
    Pong > x,xx Euro.
    Place your higher bids in the next pongs please.

  3. Hi there, here is the Pong wit the (example) bid:
    I give you for a bit more for the content production
    Ping y,yy Euro * 30 pieces
    Pong z,zz Euro * 70 pieces
    Please contact me as follows:
    Telephone: +49 000 0000001
    The proposal is valid 24 hours.

  4. Example for deal closing. The bid was okay for @ping-pong. His answer:

    “I could wait a while, but the price y,yy and z,yy is okay and I have the free capacities only this week. Deal! I call you, @nbs.”

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