Law hierarchy in the USA

Hey guys, just in case, I want make #business in the US, I would like to ask the ping-!-pong #community, is the #FARA conform with the highest laws like anti #genocide #codification? So I think nothing else can compare with anti genocide law, so nobody can make something against the free acting as peaceful #businessman. In this issue even the #fees for small business can be the #violation against the fair #completion on the #market. Am I right?

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-“Law hierarchy in the USA

  1. …this is the really cool question! By genocide you have already disabled the local police completely by the law and the federal police agents can be legally shot as intruders in the building, where you place your small business. that is the physical defense level, of course. theoretically, you have to contact the local lawyer to get advice. but hey, the state agencies just legalize their espionage with such law like FARA or similar. the look on the human rights code is the correct way to get your personal space in each police dominated state. if the human rights code is where, the problem exists. I would shoot back each time to normalize the sick lobby and espionage situations.