NBS: Temporarily troubles with postal address

#Legal_notice. A new #attack on #Nechaev_Business_Services and #original #family #Nechaev. We are not achievable on the post way for few days. The old address was permanently attacked by #terrorists in #pseudo_authorities. The new address is coming soon. I ask you for understanding. Best regards, Vladimir Nechaev

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-“NBS: Temporarily troubles with postal address

  1. WARNING. As guarantor I have to warn everybody by dealing with criminals in childcare authority in one big city in western Germany. Exactly they do human trafficking and are blind by tortures. Over the law emergency state in Germany because of that and the end of their law way. Be careful! According the law where are the real terrorists inside. One of them is looking like historical selectionist Vavilov. They are able to make lobby inside of politics and authorities, because of steeling and manipulation children. The new attack is coming to the time of election the Osnabrucks person to the Defense Minister of Germany.