Peter Hultqvist insulted Russians

#Peter_Hultqvist#defense #minister of #Sweden – insulted #Russians if he calls they “bad guys”. So, mister ****** ******, I like Europeans at all, but what do you think, you are, to call me and my people – just in case, Europeans too – bad guys? Earlier it was Germans Leaders, who called Jewish people even worst, now you? [ #microblog #editor: facing that #war_crime #scenario ] What is the #reason for that #crime from your side? I would like to charge him as #war_preparing, #propaganda_maker and #terrorist. #Prosecutors, please: that is the #official_crime as #genocide #episode too. #Ready, #steady, run the #process. [ microblog editor: #international_law links allows the usage of #foreign_law parts in the own #law_system ]

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-“Peter Hultqvist insulted Russians

  1. Keep it easy, he must be just a friend of Thomas de Maiziere. Political misery figure, who was a zero by solving executive problems in his country, even when he got all the information about coming crimes Just in case: He looks like Mister Ustinov. Is it the warriors tradition to send message about “dead and eaten” enemy? His father is the respect person for him, Wikipedia says, and he is already in the case, so far I know. I got the info, his corrupt police cars drives any time near redaction of that microblog. They do it till metal goes broken or till the fire in the office happens. Fascism structures? I would say, yes, definitely. As opinion, of course.