This is how the German secret service uses North Korea to spy

Germany under #Wachtberg #Radar of #FGAN in the own north part is the alias of #North_Korea and #South_Korea the alias of south of the #Germany with US ( #UKUSA) #NSA #FVEY #installation in the diplomatic jokes And you can just say “North Korea” under poisoned air of Germany and the NSA/BND robots begins to work automatically. Normally the agents works throw the #fake_cases in the #police and by #authorities. Absolutely sick practice and total true. #Germany 2021 is still the totalitarian country. Because of that the #benchmark is not wrong. Fake case is the official #crime in Germany. Just look at the Korean picture to understand who will be used as #bandit in Germany. True benchmark. Made by #central #intelligence services. Do you need evidences? Try to follow the #radioactivity #trail and to use the legal system of Germany to feel you are in the North Korea, how the #media writes about it.

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-“This is how the German secret service uses North Korea to spy

  1. After some big legal case try to call somebody from Germany: You don’t need more than one button on the phone. Why? Your best friends are the BND spies now or the MAD counterspies, if you are German citizen, actually it’s the same for you. The economic reason could be the spy equipment of NSA/BND was to expensive to track only true criminals or foreign spies. The freaks from spy authorities are under massive pressure: nobody needs them in 2021 – any information is open. Agony.