This is how the special services recruiting works in the real world

The #joke_makers from UK: the wrong #NBS with the real details from the original NBS. Hey guys, look at the flash in your eyes: Ping-!-Pong. The story: the specialists from the crime side did a lot of copies of NBS since 2011, I think, to cloak the #business #branding of the #original NBS The creative people did even their logo style as the fascist logo no one business in Europe would make it so. It came to the integration time of Caucasus people the environment of the original NBS. If your guys really did it so, I changed your comic #government and I will kick you away from the the European market, is that okay for you, “architects” from the Matrix? But, of course you don’t did it so and you are not the #freaks from #BKA or #MI6. I too. #lol Still in the construction business? May be the British sector of Germany in #Hilden #construction #crane business in the New York? Everybody, learn: never ever steal the branding or try to make fakes, except it is a mistake. The time machine: That webpage production guys seems to do the historical fakes too, the copying of the style changing activities and document it circa 3 years ahead in the virtual documents, like the TV-production did it on to the attack times in the real life in #Cologne: they says “with NBS you’re always one step ahead” so now I let investigate because of very special crimes with deaths. #kiss for #profiling Their aim/part of business is specified as #riba – “catching the big #fish”, mister Lynch/Bastrykin. How it works: NBS Chorus: “Fully #cloud-based Comprehensive, authoritative content Integrate #model and #specification Multiple users, working at once” I think it is about #scam #digital #terrorism #prank I saw that kind of prank here: now I think, the guys, who makes the trolling copies of businesses are the #killers, so we know, that will happens now. Read the disclaimer, it’s just the opinion, a lot of #kisses to all sick #architects and #neighborhood agencies #staff called like #Langley city etc. illegal #counterintelligence #sect #cult #psycho #treat UK #extremism #killers The very special #activity outside of that #context: the making of the information events, that looks exactly how your newest #events: so for example you say “2050”, somebody from the aimed persons in the foreign government or an actor says “2050” next time you are online or near (now fully #digital controlled) #TV. That is most probably not the same “2050” in the same context you mean, but it could looks so for you, because of additional signs and quantity, you get the show presented. WARNING: They want, you believe in something. If you do so in the political context, you are the legal aim for legal killers of the #Queen. Businesses are often the aims, because the poor James BoNDs are “#young an need #money”… #information_war #radio_interception #special_services the #bad_guys from the #home_office #provocation

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-“This is how the special services recruiting works in the real world

  1. Now somebody wants to show combat with Murray (Info: MUR is the Moscow police) and demonstrates it on the red-white-black colored YouTube with Wehrmacht-cross right corner of each video in the real time, even by disabled filters, witch will be normally used to showing the individual interests results. The tracking people are pretty crazy to deliver that: That is the demonstration of the cloud based data stealing and abusing. Crime code § 202a ff. StGB

  2. yesterday they delivers the confirmation to be heavily involved in the IT crime doing: using that tool I could register the pessimization of the Trust Flow metric from round about 6 or more to 0. At the same time the white-pride police heroes outside in the Wuppertal city presents the new stupid blackmail show to concertize the crime character of their doing. It’s all about pseudo state (cyber) crimes.